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therapy for child & teen behavior problems

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Feeling Overwhelmed by
Your Child's Behaviors?

Are your child’s emotions and behaviors taking over your household? Do you feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells to avoid setting them off? Are you at your wit’s end because nothing you’ve tried seems to work?

Having a child, teen, or young adult with challenging behaviors can be utterly exhausting. These issues can disrupt their daily lives and strain their relationships, including the one with you. You’ve likely tried various approaches to change their behaviors without success, leaving you feeling completely helpless. Despite your best efforts and various approaches, you may feel completely helpless.

We understand the immense stress and hopelessness that many parents experience when their child is acting out. The good news is that our experienced therapists specialize in working with children, teens, and young adults who exhibit problematic behaviors. Using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), we can help your child make positive changes. Additionally, we collaborate with parents to provide effective strategies for managing and improving your child’s behavior. You are not alone. We are here to support you and your child every step of the way.

Understanding Problematic Behaviors

What are Behavior Problems?

Behavior problems encompass a broad spectrum of challenges related to emotional regulation, impulse control, and social interactions. Individuals experiencing behavioral problems may struggle with anger outbursts, defiance, aggression, oppositional behavior, self-harm, or other maladaptive behaviors that disrupt their lives and relationships. 

Children, adolescents, and young adults may develop behavioral problems for various reasons, including genetic predispositions, environmental stressors, family dynamics, trauma, peer influences, academic pressures, and underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. 

Examples of Behavior Problems 

Treatment for for Problematic Behaviors

Therapy for children with behavioral problems includes behavior modification, parent training, social skills development, and emotion regulation skills. Our therapists work closely with both the child and parents to create a cohesive and supportive approach.

Behavior modification helps children understand the consequences of their actions and encourages positive behaviors. Parent training equips you with the tools to promote positive behaviors while also setting boundaries and implementing consistent consequences when needed.

Social skills training improves communication, empathy, and conflict resolution, helping your child build healthy relationships. Emotion regulation skills assist your child in calming down before acting in ways that might get them into trouble.

By combining these approaches, we aim to create lasting positive changes and bring more peace and enjoyment to your household.

Treatment for adolescents focuses on cognitive-behavioral techniques to tackle negative thought patterns, anger management, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. Our therapists work closely with teens to help them understand and shift unhelpful thoughts, recognize signs of anger, and learn how to calm down before reacting.

We also teach practical problem-solving strategies to handle everyday challenges, as well as conflict resolution skills to communicate effectively and build healthy relationships. We often engage teens in activities like art, journaling, role-playing, and mindfulness exercises to help them express themselves and manage their emotions

Our goal is to support teens in developing the tools they need for growth, resilience, and emotional well-being.

Therapy for young adults with behavioral problems focuses on developing insight into underlying issues, enhancing coping skills, and improving decision-making abilities. Our therapists help young adults understand the root causes of their behaviors and identify triggers for problematic actions.

We teach various coping techniques to handle stress and challenges constructively, such as mindfulness practices and effective communication. Additionally, we guide young adults in evaluating choices and making informed decisions, empowering them to navigate adulthood confidently.

Our goal is to provide the tools and strategies needed for young adults to lead more balanced, fulfilling lives.

How Can I Help My Child?

As a parent, you play a vital role in supporting your child through these challenges. Behavioral problems can manifest in different ways, such as temper tantrums, defiance, academic struggles, or difficulty following rules. By understanding the underlying causes of these behaviors, you can work together with therapists and professionals to develop tailored interventions that address your child’s specific needs.

Through collaboration with a therapist who specializes with families experiencing child behavioral challenges, you can learn specific techniques to guide your child towards positive behavioral changes, stronger relationships. improved self-expression, and enhanced problem-solving abilities. 

We understand that having a child, teen, or young adult with behavioral challenges can be overwhelming. Our therapists will support you so that you can help your child build the resilience and skills needed to thrive socially, economically, and academically. 

Together, as a team, we can navigate the journey towards healthier behaviors and stronger family relationships.

Our Approach to Therapy for Behavioral Problems

At Glickman Psychological Services, we provide:

Personalized Treatment Plans​

Skill-Building and Coping Strategies

A Supportive and Empathetic Environment

Family Involvement & Support

Long Term Wellness & Relapse Prevention