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Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT)

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CBT: Effective Therapy for All Ages

Discover proven strategies for growth and healing with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Whether you’re a parent seeking support for your child, a teenager navigating the challenges of adolescence, or an adult striving for personal development, our team is here to provide individualized CBT therapy to meet your unique needs. With a warm and understanding approach, we are dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages to overcome obstacles, build resilience, and lead fulfilling lives. 

Uncovering the Benefits of CBT

How It Can Help You

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a widely recognized, highly effective evidence-based approach to therapy. CBT is used to treat a wide variety of health concerns including but not limited to:

The CBT Triangle

 CBT focuses on the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is grounded in the principle that by identifying and challenging negative thought patterns and behaviors, individuals can develop more adaptive ways of thinking and coping with life’s challenges. CBT helps you become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking so you can view challenging situations more clearly and respond to them in a more effective way .

CBT therapy is a collaborative process. Our compassionate therapists will work with you to identify your therapeutic goals and work together with you to help you achieve them.  When working with children, we  actively involve parents, offering strategies to support your child’s progress at home.  CBT is effective with individuals of all ages, although the focus and approach may vary across different 

In our CBT sessions with children, we utilize engaging methods such as play, storytelling, art, role-playing, and visual materials to facilitate the therapeutic process and teach coping skills that are suitable for their age. Our therapists collaborate closely with both the child and their parents to tackle specific issues like anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, or trauma. We use strategies that are not only effective but also appropriate for the child’s developmental stage.

With Teenagers, our therapists focus on teaching skills to help change negative thought patterns. We may also address emotion regulation skills, social skills, or problem-solving strategies to help teens navigate the challenges of adolescence. Your therapist may also address issues related to identity development, peer relationships. academic stress, and/or family dynamics, providing support and guidance as your teen transitions into adulthood. 

CBT therapy with adults focuses on providing coping skills to manage feelings of distress.  You will learn techniques to alter negative thought patterns, and your therapist will guide you in integrating these tools into your daily life. The goal is to make these strategies second nature, empowering you to manage your thoughts more effectively.,  Additionally, our therapists help clients learn mindfulness and relaxation skills to effectively manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.  Our therapists may also assist with exploring career options, improving relationships, and boosting self-confidence.

At Glickman Psychological Services, we provide:

Personalized Treatment Plans

Skill-Building and Coping Strategies

A Supportive and Empathetic Environment

Family Involvement & Support

Long Term Wellness & Relapse Prevention